The 40th SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference(SIAM-SEAS)

Applied Mathematics


March 12-13, 2016
Miller Student Learning Center
University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA


All persons planning to participate in the conference should make their checks payable to the “University of Georgia” and send to Tim Cheek at the address: Timothy Cheek, Business Manager III, Department of Computer Science, 413 Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-7404

There are three types of registration fees. If you are a member of SIAM or SIAM SEAS, the fee is $70. If you are not a member of SIAM nor SIAM SEAS, the fee is $80. If you are a student, the fee is $35. All the fees are paid by mail which is postmarked by 4:00 pm on February 15, 2016. The fee is used to pay for a Book of Abstracts, an opening reception, refreshment breaks each conference day and the pizza during the first night of the conference.

A $20.00 late charge is assessed for registration fees postmarked after the February 15, 2016, deadline.

Cancellation and No Shows: (1)A cancellation received before February 15, 2016 will be refunded, minus a $25 processing fee. No refunds will be issued thereafter; substitutions will be allowed. (2) To change or cancel your registration, please email to Dr. Taha( as soon as possible. (3) If the event is cancelled for any reason, the Conference will not be responsible for any charges related to travel.

Registration Places

In the evening of March 11, Friday, 5:00pm--8:00pm, a registration booth will be open in the lobby area between the Science Library and Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics.

During March 11--12, you can register the conference at the conference site Miller Student Learning Center at UGA.