The 40th SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference(SIAM-SEAS)

Applied Mathematics


March 12-13, 2016
Miller Student Learning Center
University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

Organized Sessions

  • 1. Leo Rebholz and Zhu Wang: "Recent Advances in Numerical Methods for Fluid Flow with Applications"

  • 2. Zhan Chen and Duan Chen: "Fast Algorithm in PDE and Their Applications"

  • 3. Israel Ncube:"Computational Challenges and Progress in Dynamical Systems"

  • 4. Xiaoming Wang, Nick Moore, Mark Sussman: "Fluids: modeling, analysis and simulation"

  • 5. Shannon Quinn and Tianming Liu: "Parallel and distributed computing for biomedical imaging"

  • 6. Bikash Das, Thinh Kieu, Ryan Thompson: "PDEs for Fluid Mechanics with Applications in Medical Biology"

  • 7. Ana-Maria Croicu, Philippe Laval: "Mathematics in the medical field: theory, applications and numerical simulations"

  • 8. Peijun Li and Haomin Zhou: " Inverse Problems and Imaging"

  • 9. Ming-Jun Lai and Alex Petkhov: "Sparse Data Representations and Applications"

  • 10. Ming-Jun Lai: "Spline Methods and Weak Galerkin Methods for Numerical Solution of PDE"

  • 11. Kody J. H. Law, Feng Bao, and Vasileios Maroulas: Data assimilation, nonlinear filtering, and machine learning

  • 12. Rick Barnard: “Methods for and Applications in Transport Problems.”

  • 13. Shitao Liu and Yuyuan Ouyang: “Inverse Problems and Imaging”

  • 14. Seong Jun Kim: “Optimization, optimal control, and numerical simulations with applications”

  • 15. Juan B. Gutierrez: "The Mathematics of Omics”

  • 16. Yumei Chen and Xiaojing Ye: "Computational Methods in Inverse Problems and Imaging"

  • 17. “Contributed Papers"

  • 18. “Sessions-Abstracts”

  • etc.